Nathalie Krügel von Praxis Binzallee

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Basal cell carcinoma, prickle-cell carcinoma and melanoma are malignant skin tumours that have to be removed surgically. Depending on the localisation, this produces sizeable defects which have to be concealed by an experienced plastic surgeon, using local sliding flaps or free skin transplants. These changes often take place in the face, which is why careful planning and implementation is particularly important.


The operation is performed in a short-stay inpatient setting, under twilight sedation or a general anaesthetic.

The changed skin is removed surgically and is examined histologically through immediate sectioning by a specialist.  After a short break we are able to continue the surgery to cover the defect.

This innovative procedure enables you to have the operation on the same day and benefit from optimal treatment.

Depending on the localisation, the stitches are removed 1-2 weeks after the operation.  

Postoperative events  

Infections and delayed wound healing may occur but are very treatable.