Nathalie Krügel von Praxis Binzallee

The hyaluronic acid that is found in Restylane® and Juvederm ultra® is a natural substance, which is completely absorbable. These products also contain a local anaesthetic, which considerably alleviates pain during and after the treatment. We now only use fine, blunt cannulas that suppress and do not puncture blood vessels and other sensitive structures. As a result, the injection of hyaluronic acid is virtually painless - without any unpleasant bruising and swelling.

Hyaluronic acid is used to correct wrinkles, smooth facial contours and to emphasize and enlarge lip contours. Deeper lines such as furrows caused by anger and lines at the corners of the mouth or deep nasolabial lines are injected directly and smoothed. The innovative technique of using blunt cannulas enables gentle contouring and rejuvenation of the whole face without surgery, if required.

The effect lasts for 9 to 12 months on average.  



The operation is performed in an outpatient setting at the practice.

The facial region is numbed beforehand, either with a cream or with a local anaesthetic. We then inject the product that you have chosen, either under the wrinkle that it is to be filled or in the lips, using a very fine, blunt cannula.

Our prices depend on the quantity of hyaluronic acid that is required and include a consultation, initial treatment and post treatment reviews.


Postoperative events

Nodules and swellings disappear after a few days. Redness over the injection sites is very rare and can easily be concealed with make-up. The use of blunt cannulas has virtually eliminated the occurrence of bruising. Any minor asymmetries can easily be corrected after 2 to 4 weeks.