Nathalie Krügel von Praxis Binzallee

Ears that protrude, whether on one or both sides of the head, are usually due to a congenital lack of curvature of the cartilage within the ear. This condition is ideally corrected (otoplasty) in pre-school-age children, but can be corrected in older children or adults as well.



The operation is performed in an outpatient setting. Children are given a general anaesthetic and adults are given a local anaesthetic.

The operation involves making an incision behind the ear and reshaping the cartilage. This enables us to correct the position so that the ears sit flatter against the skull.

A bandage is applied to the head at the end of the operation. The bandage is left in place for 2 to 7 days. A headband should then be worn for another 3 weeks. Absorbable sutures are used so there is no need to have any stitches removed.


Postoperative events

Secondary bleeding and infections occur very occasionally and are treatable. The scars are barely visible after a few weeks or may be revised if necessary.