Nathalie Krügel von Praxis Binzallee

Macrolane®  consists of hyraulonic acid, which is a well-known dermal filler and is used to restore lost volume and to contour body areas.

Small breasts and asymmetries are the result of genetic factors or a pregnancy or weight loss. The innovative product Macrolane® will accordingly help you satisfy your requirements with minimal effort, i.e.  small breasts are enlarged and imperfections are gently eliminated. We determine the quantity that is to be injected in a consultation with each patient based on individual requirements to enable us to find a solution that is right for you.


The operation is performed in an outpatient setting, under a local anaesthetic.

The gel, which consists of hyaluronic acid and water, is injected into a tiny incision on the lateral edge of the breast far below the breast tissue. The result is immediately visible and individual wishes can be accommodated during the operation. There is no need for a bandage; we  will simply give you a sports bra to wear.

It is a good idea to rest after the operation. Work and leisure-time activities can usually be resumed on the same day though. You should avoid heavy physical work, excessive sporting activity and pressure on the treated tissue for around 4 weeks. We recommend wearing the bra day and night for 1 to 2 weeks. 

Postoperative events

Typical reactions to the injection, such as redness of the skin, swelling, pain and minor bruising may occur. They usually subside after 1 to 2 weeks.

The material that is injected into the body is surrounded by a fine sheath of connective tissue. Thickening of this sheath may occasionally lead to capsular fibrosis. This can be remedied without an operation in most cases, however.

The result is long-lasting, but not permanent. We recommend a touch-up after 9 to 12 months to maintain an optimal result. Much less of the product is injected during this touch-up.